Community, Craft, Visual Arts


Knit2Together was a knit graffiti project celebrating the American and Jamaican Olympic teams stay in Birmingham during the London 2012 Olympics. I worked on the project from April to August 2012.

It took 400 volunteer knitters, over 1300 balls of wool and approximately 4500 hours to cover the lower columns of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery with the piece. Crowd-funding was needed to fund knitting workshops in the community to help the piece to be made. The aim was to pass on the skill of hand knitting to those who have little experience of traditional crafts.

Work included:

  • Researching the best crowd-funding method for the project.
  • Promoting the crowd-funding campaign.
  • Social media and web content.
  • Regional press campaign.
  • Finding a home for the piece after the project. The wool was donated to a scrap store for use in local schools.


Image courtesy of Katja Ogrin.